Boy George

Unser erstes Eichhörnchen 2010 ist ein Junge

Ein Pinselohr verabschiedet sich

Did you ever come by a wounded animal on the street, let's say a wild animal of whatever kind, and you didn't know what to do with it? The first impulse would be to take it to a veterinary practice and hope that they will take care of it. Unfortunately not every practice takes in such animals. It recently came to our attention that some practices suggested to feed such young, weak, and innocent creatures to a cat or just to put it to sleep in order to save money.

If people ever come across a wounded animal or even a new born and don't know what to do with it, they usually bring it to us or are advised to bring it to us. We provide a haven for any kind of animals. We have been recently sought out by a woman who found a baby squirrel which was about six weeks young. She came by our practice with the small thing and left him in our care after naming him "George." The Dr. added a little part to the name so he came to be known as "Boy George."

I came by the opportunity and privilege to take the little man home and raise him. Two weeks have passed since then, everybody who meets him adores him from the start, and he grows faster than I can watch. Not only is he gaining weight and getting bigger and stronger from day to day, but his interest in the world, his love of life, and his agility are increasing with every day. While I'm writing this in the living room on the couch with my dog next to me he is running and jumping around on me and on my dog as a matter of fact, and he finds this game of teasing the dog very entertaining.

As soon as he is finished with running around he seeks out the hood of my jumper crawls up into a ball and falls asleep again. As soon as he is old and strong enough to take care of himself, we are releasing him to the "wild" again and give him a chance to live a normal life. The lady who gave George to us not only did a good deed that day, but she gave him the possibility of survival and a chance of life. If you yourself should ever find yourself in the situation of finding any kind of animal hurt or homeless, then you are very free to bring it to us, we will give it our biggest effort to give the animal a future with your help.

Good-bye George

I woke up in the middle of the night due to some weird noises. I looked around and after a few minutes my eyes adjusted to the scenerie. I saw Boy George running from one end of the window to the other. And that over end over again ... While running back and forth, he stopped several times to take a heartbreaking look outside. That was the moment in which I knew, that he wanted his freedom, that he was ready to get out into the 'wilderness' on his own.

His big day was on the 13th of June 2010. I went to the praxis with my mom, my dog, and obviously with George. We picked up the Dr. an her camera and went of for the Stansdorfer Cemetary, where we used to let free most of our squirrels. The Dr. says, this is a great place for them, because there are lots of trees, no cars, enough food and the people may think, the squirrels could be reincarnated souls of their beloved ones and therefor they won't harm then. Anyway... we walked a few minutes until we reached a small clearing. We tock a last left turn under some beautiful old trees.

Nuts & old Trees, the old Stansdorf Cemetary is a squirrels paradise!

George just went crazy, when we took of the blanket from his cage. He behaved like a looked in mammal, who still hopes getting out is possible. This was his way, to show us what he wants, because he didn't now, that we were about to let him free. Yes! He was ready, the Dr. said ... Before we opend his cage, I spread the last nuts arround the biggest tree and finally - my mum was already crying - I opend the his cage. George's exitement was big. I took him in my hand one last time, at least that was what I thought ... an let my mum say her farewells, then it was Dr. Lorenz' turn and next and last came mine. I had him in my hand and looked at him telling him again and again to take care of himself and to stay a good boy. In fact, there wasn't much more for me to do since we already spend our time together at home. I went over to that tree on which Geores eyes already fixed. He spread his arms and held on to the treeas I let him go. Then, he was on his way up that tree. We watched George for another hour how he jumped from branch to branch and from tree to tree. Everyone could see that he had a great time.

After that first hour of freedom, suddenly he came back down, bit into the Doctors shoes, watched each of us with a deep glance out of his black eyes and was off yet again. We tried to take some pictures of him, but that prouved out to be harder then we thought. We left a few minutes later wishing him the best of luck for the life he was jet to live.

Surprisingly, Boy George came back once again to say 'goodbye' ...

Many thanks to Nikki for this warm and adorable story.