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Great that you are here!

 We want you to see our practice the way it is. You are also supposed to get to know our animals, our own, and the patients. Thus, all the pictures.
A very warm welcome in the practice with dog, cat, mouse, and bird.
In our practice dogs and cats, birds and mice, squirrels and hedgehogs are welcome and every other small animal, wild animal, and pets. Feel free to visit us with every animal and ask any question you might have.

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We speak english, french, italian, spanish even chinese and a little romanic and portugese.

Okay ... german also quite fluent ...

Travel- and Quarantine Treatment

Your pet needs intl. travel- and quarantine treatment. You move elsewhere on this planet? For your pet we provide the required quarantine treatments and we offer all papers according to the specific legal regulations.

Just ask for an appointment.

Veterinary practice Dr. Renate Lorenz

Dr. Renate Lorenz

e-mail: dr.renate.lorenz@arcor.de
adress: Oberhofer Weg 68 D-12209 Berlin-Lichterfelde
phone: +49 (030) 711 63 57
Opening hours:
monday to saturday from 09 to 12 am
monday, tuesday, thirsday and friday from 16-18 pm
Appointments and home-visits on demand


Sissi lost her Allergy

A recent recommendation

 Dr. Renate Lorenz really helped us very much with our dear golden retriever Sissy. She had nasty wounds as a result of constant scratching due to an allergy. She treated her with the right medicines and advised us to change to fresh food. She took care of her with such kindness and love that now her wounds are completely healed and her allergy is under control. Sissy is now a very happy dog and Dr. Renate Lorenz will always have our gratitude.

With best regards

Luis Rodriguez
Peruvian Embassy, Berlin (Botschaft der Republik Peru in Deutschland, Embajada de la Republica Peru)

Miracle Worker is what she is

"Today we are celebrating our pug's 8th birthday, all thanks to Dr. Lorenz. Our "little girl" was dying when we went to her. She was diagnosed of having bladder and liver cancer by incompetent vets near us. Did research on the net and found a miracle worker. After more than a month of treatment our baby is better than before, she even gained weight. When we saw the bill we were shocked. For more than a month's treatment, we paid only a fraction of what we paid the inadequate vet. for a 2day treatment. Our pug's condition was so bad that Dr. Lorenz had to convince us to give her another day, if Kikay's condition didn't get better then we can put her to sleep. And now here we are celebrating her 8th birthday.
Dr. Lorenz is the ideal Tierärztin one only hopes for. Thank our lucky stars she exists. We are also very thankful to her affable and accomodating team who have spoiled Kikay with treats and affection. What else can i say? She and her team are just simply amazing and awesome! They are the Dream Team. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much Dr. Lorenz, Susi, Nikki (and recent Jaqueline & Charlotte)!
Mede Family"

The Story of our Boy George

Did you ever come by a wounded animal on the street, let's say a wild animal of whatever kind, and you didn't know what to do with it? The first impulse would be to take it to a veterinary practice and hope that they will take care of it. Unfortunately not every practice takes in such animals. It recently came to our attention that some practices suggested to feed such young, weak, and innocent creatures to a cat or just to put it to sleep in order to save money. More